Wandering: The Great Pavilion at Chelsea


Perhaps I should call this post flowers! flowers! flowers!  Because that is what it was inside the Great Pavilion at the Chelsea Flower Show.  Every colour in full bloom.  How they do that, to get their flowers to bloom right when they should at the show, was the most amazing to me.  But then they are the pros and that is why they are exhibitors at the famous Chelsea Flower Show.


Every size and variety, right side up and upside down, and probably even some sideways.


The BBC in action covering it all.


The small and delicate, even “Cheeky”.

auriculaTo the bold and biggest begonias I have ever seen.

Roses, roses roses, along the picket fence.


Or climbing up the arched trellis.  And yes we did take time to stop and smell the roses.

roses arch

A candelabra fountain over an elegantly decorated dining set.  A scene set for romance.

rose table

To a fun and nostalgic set from the British seaside.

beach scene

Thailand gets in the act with what they do best with their delicate and colourful flowers on display.


A table set for tea.  Which is where we were headed next.  A place in Chelsea I had picked out for our evening meal.  A great day at the flower show, but by now we were definitely ready to rest our feet, try to process everything we had seen and have a good hearty meal.  Where will we go, you’ll have to check back next post.

rose vase

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  1. What fantastic photos! I’d love to be there to see it all in person. Curious as to why you decided to move to WordPress. I do love your new header.

    • Hi Judy, You would love the flower show, I hope you can see it someday. Thank you for commenting too, also it gives me a chance to see how to respond to a comment here! Not sure where this response will find you, so good to find out. One of the reasons I wanted to try Word Press because of ease of adding photos and I liked the different templates available. Mostly it is a lot easier to add pictures, drag and drop, and the options for picture sizing.

  2. Hi,
    the format might be different but the photographs and descriptions are as impressive as ever.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I am liking the look of your new blog. I think that the WordPress platform is best for showing photographs. I hope you enjoy the new platform 🙂

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