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Quebec House





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In England we are used to having French neighbours just a hop over the channel from us.  But did you know that America could have had French neighbours as well just over the border to the north?  Yes Canada was under control of the French prior to the Battle of Quebec led by General James Wolfe.  This is what we learned at Quebec House, the early childhood home of General Wolfe in Westerham, Kent.

Wolfe’s part in the taking of Quebec in 1759 earned him posthumous fame, and he became an icon of Britain’s victory in the Seven Years War and subsequent territorial expansion. He was depicted in the painting The Death of General Wolfe, which became famous around the world. Wolfe was posthumously dubbed “The Hero of Quebec”, “The Conqueror of Quebec”, and also “The Conqueror of Canada”, since the capture of Quebec led directly to the capture of Montreal, ending French control of the country.  (source Wikipedia)

The house and grounds at Quebec House are smaller than many National Trust properties, but full of history and memorabilia.  The coach house has a small tea room and an interesting exhibit upstairs with a short film on Wolfe and the battle of Quebec.  The painting The Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West, is famous as the first of it’s kind to depict an actual battlefield scene.  The original painting hangs at the National Gallery of Canada.

A short stroll up the street to the village green with a statue of Wolfe at one end and Winston Churchill at the other.  Churchill’s home, Chartwell is nearby which would be a good addition to see in the same day after a nice look around the village.

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  1. I found your blog through Cranberry Morning. What a wonderful adventure you are having moving across the pond to England! I thought my moving from NYC to the Denver area was life changing, but a new country is even more so. I will be excited to read more about your life there. Having visited Quebec several times I found this post very interesting.

    • Hi and thank you for coming on over from Cranberry Morning. Anytime you move it can be challenge for sure. Hope you are enjoying your new home in beautiful Colorado, but I can see how it would be a big change from NYC! England has so many interesting places to visit with loads of history, which I will try to share on this blog when I can.

  2. This looks like a really interesting house to visit I will have to add it to my list.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Chartwell.

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