Wandering: Gerberoy, A Beautiful French Village

pink hydrangeas

Hello, we are now back at home and I am missing France already.  Especially when you can find beautiful villages such as Gerberoy in the Picardy region.  We found this charming village by chance.  It had absolutely poured down rain the night before and during most of the day, thus the reason many of these pictures might look a little on the dull side.  We had planned to get up early and go to a town north of there to a large flea market/antique fair.  Due to the weather we got a late start and by the time we got to the town many of the dealers had understandably already packed up for the day.  On the way back to where we were staying the rain finally let up a bit and on the map we saw the sign to the left below.  The starburst means there is a good viewpoint, and also we could see it high up on a hill from the road and decided to investigate.  When we drove through the village, I couldn’t believe it.  I was like OMG what is this place?!!  It was truly like a living fairy tale.


The car park was right near this restaurant on the corner with all these blooming hydrangeas.  We made our way towards the village.


There are several points of interest featured around the village.  It is also a place for artists to thrive with a few exhibitions going on and some beautiful painting studios open to visit.


Gerberoy 2

Gerberoy 3


Exterior Logis

painting studio vase


This “poterie” caught my eye when we first drove in so I found my way back to have a better look, with the artist at work.


I bought this little bowl as a reminder of this special place and took this photo at home today.  (We now have bright sunshine here in England.)

gerberoy pottery

Working our way further around and up to the garden of Henri Le Sidaner.  A post impressionist painter he moved here in 1901 and built this garden as a place to create his paintings.  It is still here for many to enjoy his creation.

garden terrace

Sidaner wanted monochromatic gardens, white, pink, red, blue and yellow garden sections.


Looking out to one of the houses from the garden.  I love the attention to detail and how the accent pieces were in the blue/turquoise colour.  Very effective I thought.

blue chairs

Charming painted signs leading the way.

jardin sign

Part of the gardens were built on the ruins of a former castle.  The Temple of Love was built on a pillar of the castle.  (It is a replica of the Temple of Love in Versailles.)


garden 3temple

Walking the other direction from the temple behind the church is a lookout over the village.  I should say walking through the rose garden as there is a Rose Festival that has been held every year in the village since 1928.


Looking over the rooftops and the countryside.  If you ever go to France you can search “beautiful villages of France” or Les Plus Beaux Villages and you will find those that have been given that distinction.  There is also a map on the website to search them that way too.

(Now back to the UK and it is time for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  Susan Doyle was just interviewed and she will be singing.)


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  1. Fantastic pics, as always.

    What a lovely place.

  2. It’s very pretty and some of it looks English like.

  3. It all looks so pretty and charming. I love picture of the well 🙂

  4. You take great photos, Jane! Lovely village via your lens 🙂

  5. Your photos are so good they make me yearn to go to this lovely place.

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