Revisiting Giverny and Monet’s House

Vernon BridgeOne thing we both wanted to do when we were in France was to revisit Giverny and Monet’s House and Garden.  On the way we stopped to see what remains of the toll house for the old bridge just as you cross the river at Vernon.


Next on to Giverny which is a charming village to visit.  Even though the wait to get into Monet’s House was about 45 minutes long, wandering around the streets it did not feel that busy.  There are some nice restaurants around to soak up the atmosphere of romance and history of the setting.  Also picture worthy art galleries of course.galleryThe Hotel Baudy once provided lodging for many artists who followed Monet to Giverny.

Giverny BaudyA current artist at work along the street.artist at workThis was the home of inspiration for Monet for exactly half of his life from 1883 to 1926.  Pictures were not allowed inside, but the kitchen and dining room are favourites of mine. The soft yellow of the dining room and blue and white in the kitchen.  One of the reasons Monet moved out of Paris to Giverny was the light.  Even though it had been a dull/rainy day off and on, in the late afternoon the soft light streaming into his studio was just what a artist would want.

Monet's House

Monet created his own private retreat in his expansive gardens.  It was a little too crowded to be enjoyed when we first got there in the afternoon but we lingered around till almost closing time when the crowd had cleared. Those few moments of quiet made it all worthwhile.


Further beyond the house are the water gardens with the Japanese bridge.  I can imagine Monet spending hours here in the quiet of nature creating some of his most famous works.


Giverny can be reached as a day trip from Paris.  If you are not driving there are trains to Vernon.  I am sure there are also bus trips you can book as well.  We saw a group of Americans who were on a Viking Cruise along the Seine which would be another nice option.  Visiting Giverny and this little bit of paradise is well worth the effort.  If you weren’t an artist before your visit you might want to pick up a paint brush afterwards!

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful. Glad you got some space when it was nearing closing time.

  2. I visited there a few years ago, but my pics were not like your at all… Gorgeous images!

  3. Nice to meet you, Jane 🙂 I hope to be there next Tuesday!

  4. Oh that toll house at Giverny looks wonderful, i had not heard of it before.

    Your photos of Monet’s garden are fabulous. Thank you 🙂

    • I saw pictures of the toll house before we went so that was a definite must see. And you would love to visit Giverny, again a lot to see in a small area and there is also the Impressionist Museum which I did not have time to see this visit. Thank you:)

  5. Jane, I am so thankful for your blog…to be able to see things and places I would never be able to see on my own!!! Thanks for taking the time to help us experience the other countries we would never see!! Pam Rush (Jennifer is feeling so much better now…it is a blessing)

    • Thank you Pam, you are welcome and I really appreciate your encouragement! That means so much and glad to hear Jennifer is improving. Say hi to the gals:)

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