High Tea in Dubai

Bridge Entrance Hello dahhlings!! For today’s post we are going to fly back in time, like a magic carpet ride, to January of this year.  You don’t mind if we have a little fun with this post do you?  I so want you to be entertained, if I may.  You see my husband and I had 36 hours in Dubai on our way back from Australia.  Our desire was to partake of Afternoon Tea at the fabulous Burj Al Arab Hotel, meaning Tower of the Arabs to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  (Perhaps this was mainly my dream, but any husband worth his weight in gold knows he must indulge of his wife’s wishes if there are to be many more happy anniversaries. Is this not true my dears or is this a fantasy?) The Burj Al Arab, the world’s only “seven star hotel” resides on it’s own private island connected to the mainland by a curving bridge.  The former beachfront area was known as Chicago Beach which is a lovely connection which brings to mind many fond memories of my American homeland. Burj Our destination would be the backward c to the left, known as The Skybar, high atop one of the world’s tallest hotels.  We chose not to arrive by helicopter this time as you can see the landing is to the right. (wink, wink)  The helicopter landing can be transformed into a wedding venue for those who desire. Burj Gate House For our wish to be granted we needed to pass the gate house.  We presented our magic ticket, a confirmed reservation, and the barriers were lowered for our entry into the kingdom. Burj Gate As our taxi pulled up the drive, doors were opened and we were swiftly ushered into the glamorous and gold embellished lobby. Entrance One may also choose the option to be transported privately by one of hotel’s fleet of cars, perhaps a Rolls will do? car To be inside was surreal having heard of this luxurious hotel through the mystical box of images sometimes referred to as a television. One does not think while you are surrounded by farmland in the the Heart of America that you would ever in your lifetime, like ever, see, let alone be inside the mystery of this hotel.  With it’s elegant shape to look like that of a sail on a vessel that has delicately landed just off the shores of Dubai. Lobby Tower Looking Up We floated up the escalator passing the dancing fountains as we went. fountain water fall I did not have a glass slipper but a glass elevator instead transported us to our heavenly destination.  We seemed to be one of the first to enter. inside Another wish granted as we had requested a table by the window.  Let us add to that, my darling, as the champagne and stuffed dates also awaited our arrival.  We needed a moment to catch our breath as the reality of the view was more than one could comprehend at that given moment in time.  There was a mystical blue glow throughout the surroundings that added to the intrigue and atmosphere of the venue. our table Having thoroughly enjoyed our dates and champagne and lived our fantasy we made our way back down the elevator and out into the streets of Dubai. Afternoon Tea Wait the dream is not over!  Some nourishment is need to sustain the illusion of reality.  A menu was presented that read like a novel of all of the teas of the world delivered to one’s table.  All one must do is ask, and any tea can be served as many times as desired throughout the afternoon’s offerings of courses. Menu Soft music filled the air as more guests arrived and champagne was ceremoniously poured to the delight of the visitors. Champagne Pouring View A view of no equal was laid out before us. marina The view of Dubai Shadow A feast for the eyes through the slight haze of the afternoon the city of Dubai was in our vision.  The tallest spire in the world, the Burj Khalifa dominated the skyline. burj khalifa Dubai The yacht set were enjoying the afternoon in the marina. yacht We wandered, at an interval, to another window to see the fantasy like Palm Island and in the distance the Atlantis. The Palm Sailboats floated by in the calm breeze of the afternoon. sailboats Speedboats racing to places unknown. speedboats The food appeared and disappeared like an illusion with platters effortlessly refilled at the nod of a head. finger sandwiches Serving towers built to resemble the shape of the hotel itself filled with scones and Devonshire cream reminiscent of the home country of distant England. scones Like a delicious magic potion the passion fruit tea was a favourite beverage. passion fruit tea Our anniversary remembered in chocolate. Happy Anniversary Delicate rose scented sorbet and a parting gift of truffles presented in their own special parcel for carrying with one upon departure. rose sorbet A delightful perfumed rose for the princess lady of the table. rose Transported back to the lobby, perhaps a diamond necklace to complete the afternoon? But then if one cannot have the earrings and bracelet to match one cannot be bothered, perhaps another day daahhhling. diamonds Yes one arrives by magic carpet but leaves by foot crossing the bridge back into reality.  But what a sweet afternoon vision it was. Bridge Shadow

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  1. WOW- how supremely wonderful and thanks for taking us on your adventure. It was delightful!

  2. What an adventure! Thank you for sharing this fascinating place!

  3. It’s not a place I fancy but you have some great shots 🙂

    • I can understand that it would not be everyone’s “cup of tea”.😎 thank you for stopping by and reading, I will be by to visit your blog soon.

  4. This must have been amazing though I don’t think I could have sat by the window at the top!
    Belated anniversary greetings!

    • It was a great experience and to be honest we didn’t realize we were in the curvy part until we looked at the building again when we left.

  5. That looks like a lot of fun. I love the unique serving platters.

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