Three Nights in Bangkok

Hello and Happy New Year 2015!  With New Year’s resolutions fresh on my mind, I begin anew.  One of my goals for the year is organising and downsizing my photo library.  Even my own husband doesn’t want to look through my pics from last year until I edit some out!  I have determined the best way to be successful at this or any goal I have set myself for the new year is to break it down into smaller tasks that are achievable and not overwhelming.  Example: organising thousands of pictures – too much and overwhelming vs. organise one file folder/week = do-able, and even fun.  (not exactly a ground breaking revelation, it is just putting into practice what I already know sometimes:)  By the way organising is spelled with an s in England not a z and spell check changes it as well as words with o for ou!

Looking back through pictures has put me in the mood to blog again, I even have a new theme installed on the site, come check it out if you get this via email:)  Still contemplating what to say in the “about” section and a few other details, but breaking it down into small tasks remember!    I have set myself a reasonable goal of one blog post/week.  Sometimes it may be more, as I promise I won’t drag one trip out for 4 months. But that’s the minimum I’m shooting for.  The biggest break through for me has been making the decision as what to do about blogging.  I didn’t want to give it up completely but just wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go.   I’ve determined that this will be our travelogue and I won’t try to include recipes, household tips, expat matters etc. (unless it is spelling changes LOL)  As some of you know I had a previous blog after moving to England covering a range of topics.  Blogging was different then and there was a little community of expats sharing stories.  It served me well at the time and highly recommend it to anyone starting an expat journey.  I was searching for some of the blogs I used to connect with and very few of them are still in operation.   I still think there is a place for sharing stories through blogging,  I just am happier containing this one to travel related matters as the focus.

When planning a trip I read guidebooks, but then I search for blogs to get the”real” story.  It makes for a good combination.  I have found many interesting places to visit from blogs, so maybe I can help someone else someday.  If not, at the very least I am getting my pictures sorted and it is fun to relive the memories.  For family and friends in the USA who encourage me to blog, thank you!

Now enough about all this, let’s go to Bangkok!  (part 1)

river view

November 2013, just before Thanksgiving we set off on an independent adventure through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore for about 3 weeks before landing in Western Australia to visit John’s son and daughter-in-law who are immigrating there. Our first three nights were in Bangkok, thus the title of this post. However the song going through my head that I can’t get rid of is “One night in Bangkok.”   Go ahead, you can hum it or sing out loud as you read along!!   The hotel we chose was Centre Point Silom and it turned out to be a great option.  It’s the one with the curved sided to the right above.  We were surprised with a prime location on one of the top floors with sweeping views of Bangkok.  It was close to the river and water taxis, and not far from other transportation.  A bonus – each room had a mini kitchenette and even a washing machine.  Below is the view from our balcony.

balcony view

Just to the left was the famous Lebula State Tower where part of the Hangover movies were filmed.  There is a nice rooftop bar on top, which we didn’t have the chance to visit, but I am sure the views would be great.  It also made a good landmark when searching for our hotel if necessary.

state tower

Another view from the balcony showing the colourful traffic and a slice of the pool.

pool view


street view

What was also great was just outside the hotel was a local market and many street vendors which you find all over Bangkok.  Loved seeing the creativity and ingenuity for setting up their stalls.

Well this was a taster for today and I  look forward to finishing up the Bangkok story soon.  Good luck on your resolutions and hope your year is off to a good start.

street market

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  1. Love it and Thanks!!!!!

  2. Nice to hear from you again.

    • Thank you James. It’s fun to be back blogging again.

      • Hello Jane, Enjoyed looking at your pictures from Gerberoy, France. I would love to visit there myself and as wondering if you could tell me the time of year you were there? Thank you

      • Hi Dianne, thanks for your comment, I hope you do get to visit there. We were there in mid July. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions I can help you with. If you can visit the old part of Rouen and go to the food market I recommend that too. Good luck on your planning!! Jane

  3. Happy New Year 🙂

    I always plan my holiday itineraries by looking at guidebooks first and then on line. It has served my well, I would have missed so much in the places I visit if I hadn’t done my research.

    I am looking forward to seeing and reading more of you holiday adventures.

    • Sounds as we are very similar in our planning. Forgot to mention there are always some discoveries you never plan for, which are often the best experiences! Cheers for 2015!

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