A Boat Ride through the Canals of Bangkok


Our last day in Bangkok started off with a longboat ride through the canals or khlongs as they are called locally.  At one time Bangkok was called “Venice of the East” for it’s many canals.  Most of the canals have since been filled in but there remain a few that are still in use that are connected to the main Chao Phraya River.  We booked our boat at the same pier where we got the river taxi and as the only passengers on this venture we were off.


The canals were mostly quiet on our journey other than the few passing tourists and the erratic pace of our boat’s motor.  The motor would almost die out, then would kick in again, which then the driver would quickly speed up, only to slow down again a few minutes later.  This was quite amusing at the time, but might explain why some pictures are less than straight or perfectly focused!

canal siding

Passing by a variety of homes right at the water’s edge assembled in a manor of creativity, giving an insight into the local way of life.

along the canals

Colourful and interesting, realising they must all have electricity by the number of satellite dishes.

canal house

We passed the local mailman on his rounds.


A mailbox on a post reached only by boat.


A floating restaurant moving along the canal going house to house.  Ringing their bell along the way to alert any hungry residents.

food boat

Another type of home built on stilts.

canal house

Along the way, mixed-in with the collection of homes and businesses were temples and local parks.


The more unusual Wat Khun Chan.  Didn’t have a chance to get a photo of the top of this as we passed during an engine speeding time!


Quiet waters towards the canal’s end.

canal view

Back out on the main river with one of the many types of boats you see up and down the river.  The canal trip was about an hour long so if you are ever in Bangkok it’s something you might want to consider as we really enjoyed the journey.

on the river

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  1. Jane, We were in SE Asia last Jan-Feb on a tour but it was one of the interesting places we have been. We are enjoying revisiting through your eyes. I never saw any signs of electricity or even plumbing. Pat

    • Pat I would love to hear about your trip too! Glad your are enjoying reliving it. That is one aspect of blogging I enjoy is reliving it going through the pictures. I always learn something new too.

  2. Great experience for you Jane.

  3. Enjoying your pictures and descriptions so much ! I’m living it vicariously through you !

  4. Thank you for taking me on the virtual journey to such a fascinating place 🙂

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