Northern Thailand and the Golden Triangle

new day

Following on from our stay at the Royal Villa we are back down the mountain and on the road with a new driver.    Our first stop was at a wine tasting booth, with the wine being made from a local red berry.  Below is our driver for the day, John, and the couple running the wine stand.  That was a fun stop and off we went again.

wine tasting

There were several checkpoints we passed through along the road.


Our next stop was at the Golden Triangle area.  This is where the three countries of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos can be seen from a vantage point and in the far distance is China.

Golden Triangle

The view looking over the Mekong River, which we would travel on the next day, and the surrounding countries.


Parts of the area were a little touristy but we had a fun time looking around here.

Golden Triangle Collage

Next stop was the ancient Wat Chedi Luang of Chiang Saen Province which is over 700 years old.  The temple is being rebuilt and the Chedi on the bottom right, below is one of the tallest in Thailand.  The picture top right is an offering of food left for Buddha.

Wat Chedi Luang Collage

As we travelled off the beaten track we had a short stop at this small local market.

local market

We saw several crops along the way.  With the language barrier we tried to ask what one crop was that we didn’t recognise.  It was smaller than corn, but when we asked our driver, he thought we meant the cornfield.  He stopped to try to find an ear of corn to show us.  He didn’t find one at the time, but we said that was OK.  It was a little difficult to explain we had a pretty good idea what corn looks like!  (grew up in corn country of Iowa) Still appreciated his efforts!


Further along we saw some rice being harvested so I asked if we could stop to watch for a bit.  The first group cut the rice stalks and tied them up into bundles with one of the long reeds you see on their back below.

rice harvesting

The next group of workers transported  the bundles.

carrying rice bundles

Here in the circle, the bundles were attached to a long stick and they beat them just once in the middle to loosen the grains of rice.  These guys waved for me to come down and help them.  I didn’t think we should spare the time as we had a ways to go, but if I had it to do over again I definitely would give it a try.

rice harvest

A little further along we saw this couple working on their own, and we stopped briefly to watch them.  At the time we were well off the beaten path on some narrow dirt roads and I thought to myself,  “Wow this is so cool!”  I never imagined in my lifetime I would be out in the countryside of Northern Thailand watching rice being harvested.”


Now having said that and feeling pretty adventurous, I couldn’t believe it when I looked back at the pictures I took later.  The logo on this ladies’ t-shirt!  Pioneer Seed Corn logo which the company originates in Des Moines, Iowa not less than 60 miles from where I grew up, and everyone knows Pioneer seed corn!!!   I guess no matter where you go you can never truly leave home!!!  (Awesome though!)  Then back on the road to our unique destination for the night. Next post coming up in a day or so.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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  1. What an experience Jane. Thank you for taking us along.

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