A Bungalow Stay by the Rice Field


After leaving the Royal Villa in the morning and travelling across northern Thailand we had reached our destination for the night at Rai Saeng Arun.  The setting for this 14 bungalow B and B was wonderful and the hospitality was tops.  Through e-mails with the owner he helped to arrange our transportation to and from the B and B which is in a rural setting along the Mekong River.  He made sure breakfast arrangements were made the next morning for our early departure and in general provided a brilliant stay.

To set the mood before being shown to our room, John was given a hat to wear and I was given a brightly coloured orange parasol.  Kindly escorted by two young men, we were off across the boardwalk!

A boardwalk like no other! taking us through the middle of the rice field.  We had to watch where we were going so we didn’t topple off, but the view was stunning.  There are bungalows along the river, which were fully booked, but we were OK with that.  Had we had one of the river view rooms we would have missed walking across this field, and we loved this part.

rice field

Might not have loved the 160 steps or so up the hillside to our room, but well worth it once we arrived at our bungalow in the woods.


Here I am at the doorstep of our little home for the night, built up on stilts on the hillside.  Bonus points for the thatched roof.


Inside comfortably furnished with an outdoor shower area.

room views

A welcoming balcony out back.  We had a couple of hours to rest and enjoy the surroundings.


Another bungalow across the hillside area.


And the view from the other side of the hill.


Back down to go to dinner.


The gardens surround the stone path to the dining area.  They grow many of their own vegetables that they serve in the restaurant.


The river view from the dining area.

dining view

Some of our delicious and colourful meal. It was dark when it was time to go back to our room, and flashlights were brought to us to help light our way.  Just more atmosphere to add to the fantastic stay we had.

meals The next morning the clouds were just beginning to clear as we came down to breakfast.

One night was not enough. If we had to do it over again we definitely would have stayed 2 or 3 nights, but glad we had one wonderful and very memorable night here.  Definitely worth going out of your way, in my opinion! to enjoy Rai Saeng Arun B and B near Chiang Kong, Thailand  It is about a 30 minutes drive from the departure point for boats on the Mekong River going to Luang Prabang.  That will be our next adventure I will cover on the blog, 2 days on the Mekong.



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  1. Looks fun. What an interesting stat Jane.

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