Wandering A Small French Village


We were based in Saverne, France for the first few nights of our trip.  As we had gone to Strasbourg for the first day, this day we went the other direction, further west and south and wandered through the countryside and small villages.  Not really having a plan in mind, we thought we would see where our whims would take us.  Spotting the scene below, off the side of the road brought us to our first village stop.


This charming little village is set in the valley along the Marne-Rhine canal.  We watched as a boat approached the lock.


A little stroll up the path and where canal boats are for rent.  The ruins of the Chateau de Lutzelbourg on the hillside above.


Walking back toward the village another boat along the canal.  I learned later, not too much further along, is an elevator specially built for moving canal boats up and down a hillside.

canal scene

Back towards the village a man is cutting up an old pallet to add to his stack of firewood.

firewoodBicyclists ride past.


The church tower at almost noon against a very blue sky.

church and sky

Details along a doorway.


I couldn’t remember the name of this village and hadn’t written it down in my trip journal or taken a picture of the town sign as I often do.  What I had written down was – I Love France.  I was googling different villages in the area and was not finding the right village.  I thought it would be bad blogging practice to say, “Oh look at this cute village, but I don’t know the name of it!”  But then going back through my pictures this photo saved the day.  I googled Bierstub d’Eselbahn and wouldn’t you know the right village came up!  This village is Lutzelbourg in the Moselle Dept in Lorraine in north east France.   I originally took this photo because of the man in the red hat coming away from the Boulangerie with his baguette in his backpack.  I know it’s hard to see that detail in this picture with the shadows, but old traditions and new traditions.cafe

What I learned by looking at photos from different villages in this area, is each one has it’s charms and special features.  You can’t go wrong no matter which village you visit as they all have their own character.

village 2

Shutters and ivy covered buildings.


The enchantment of crumbling plaster, a faded sign and always the window boxes of flowers.  Isn’t it funny how in one context chipping plaster and fading paint can be considered romantic and charming, and in another an eyesore?  In France, in this setting I find it desirable, it shows character and layers of history.


Another small church with it’s dark bell tower and steeple.


A wonderful first stop and now onto discover more of the French countryside.


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  1. Lovely and serene. A kind of Shabby Chic goes well in France.

  2. What a beautiful post – I enjoyed every word andd every photo ! You have been on some incredible trips ! Thankyou for sharing….

  3. This is another wonderful village you have introduced me to. You captured some wonderful photos that give a good flavour of the place.

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