The Black Forest – It’s More Than Just Cake

valleyOur next base of exploration was just over the Rhein (Rhine) River into Germany at the edge of the Black Forest near Freiburg.

The Black Forest gets it’s name from the dark canopy of trees in the dense forests throughout the region.  This area was the inspiration and setting for some of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales such as Hansel and Gretel.  There are picturesque villages scattered throughout the hilly and mountainous region and we chose to explore Triberg.


The touristic shops of Triberg looked inviting, but first lunch.


I just loved all the folk art painting on the shutters, doors and sides of the buildings.


It’s Germany so of course a German beer, and a sharing plate of Black Forest Ham with a basket of bread.


A must was a serving of Schwarzwald Kirschtorte, which is also known as Black Forest Cake or some say torte or gateau.  What ever name you know it by it was first invented in this area inspired by the dark cherries and cherry liqueur the region is known for.  We were given the option of the original version of cake with the cherry liqueur (kirsch) or without.  We chose the original which was delicious!  We shared a piece and even at that could feel the effects, which was a little surprising.  Either version is leaving me wanting for more as I think back and I am going to have to try to recreate Black Forest Cake at home sometime.


So it was time for a little walk.  Nice to see the flags of our countries as we approached the entrance of the waterfalls.


The wooden carving of the clock man as he traveled throughout the forest with the clocks and his tools on his back.


Triberg gets it’s name from the tiered waterfalls which are the highest in Germany.  There is a small entrance fee into the area where you can follow the path as it winds up the hill to the top of the falls.



A view through the trees looking towards the town.


After our retreat with nature we were ready to explore the shops.  The paintings on the side of the museum and information center.


What time is it you ask?  Why time to see the cuckoo clocks that have been made in the Black Forest since the 1700’s.


At the House of 1000 Clocks the bears are in charge outside.


Every type and size of clock you can imagine, with so much detail.  With all the wood readily available the area is also know for it’s beautiful woodcarvings.


A closeup of one of the clocks with a typical German theme.  There are plenty of assistants available to help out if you want a closer look or to see and hear it cuckoo at the top of the hour they will gladly wind the hands for you.


Lots of choices for beer steins as well.


After a fun day in the Black Forest there were no breadcrumbs to follow but we made it safely back through the woods to our little home for the night.

black forest

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  1. Its hard to choose between the Black Forest area and Bavaria. Glad you included the cake!

  2. This reminds me so much of my first visit abroad.. I traveled through France, Germany and Austria to reach Slovenia which was then part of Yugoslavia!

    • Beautiful countries and experiences that last a lifetime. I am finding it fun to revisit some places and see how they have changed, or some things have stayed the same. At the very least brings back good memories and find some new discoveries.

  3. such a beautiful place!

  4. Wowww. Amazing places….

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