Chasing Rainbows at Lake Brienz Switzerland


This day in Switzerland we had planned to take the ferries around the lakes.  The fact that it was absolutely pouring down rain most of the day changed those plans.  But later in the day it started to clear up and we decided to drive to Brienz on the other side of Lake Brienz.  chalets

Blue skies above the clouds as we approached Ringgenberg.


We followed the sign to Ringgenberg Castle and Church.


We climbed up to the top just as one of the ferries came into view.


We watched as two ferries crisscrossed across the beautiful turquoise water.


Not too many passengers on this day because of the weather, but it must be beautiful on the lake.

Brienz ferry

As we came back down the tower a rainbow appeared in the distance behind this wonderful little chalet.


Back along the road the cattle were grazing.


The afternoon light was just shining through the clouds.


As a man was taking his dog out for a walk another rainbow appeared on the far side of the lake.

walkingAll the colours!!rainblow

Approaching Brienz heading for rainbows end.


Across the lake it looks like a castle.  I learn now doing this post that it is the Grandhotel Giessbach which was a winner of the historic hotels of Europe in 2015.  Oh my gosh that setting is amazing and this makes me want to go back and explore more of this area.  The choice of rooms offers lake view, forrest view or waterfall view.  It looks like just getting there would be an adventure.


In Brienz we park and after doing a little shopping at the local grocery store we look around the village.


Brienz is known for it’s woodcarving and there were some wonderful examples along the lake front walk.  As well as some woodcarving studios and craft and artisan shops in the town.


Afternoon sun on the boats at dock.


Glad we ventured out after the rain and as we get back to Interlaken a nice view of the peaks of the Swiss Alps.

mountain tops

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  1. That rainbow shot is stunning!

  2. The color of the water is amazing!

  3. I looks wonderful, the scenery is stunning. A lot less crowded that Lake Lucerne, although I did enjoy my visit there 🙂

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