Touring Thun Switzerland


Driving from Interlaken along Lake Thun there are some dramatic stretches of road to reach the city of Thun on the far side of the lake.


There are many bridges spanning the waterways leading into the historic section of Thun.  All very colourfully decorated with flowers and flags and pretty painted buildings lining the river front.


Thun Castle is high up on the hill overlooking the town.


The castle which dates from the 12th century now houses a museum of the area.  The great hall is used for concerts and plays or can be used for private events.

castle interior

One of the beautiful hand painted plates on display which depicts a good version of the castle.


There are several floors to climb and once you wind you way up to the tower, even on a rainy day you are rewarded with a view like this.  With the church steeple in the foreground and Lake Thun in the distance.

church tower

Rooftops of Thun.


The Town Hall directly below the flag pole and banner.

town view

Walking back down the cobbled streets through an arch in the old wall.


Time to stop for a snack at a lovely Cafe- Confiserie called Reber.  On the left an open faced sandwich with asparagus and a glaze and on the right this wonderful soft pretzel bread.  The filling was a whipped butter that was so light and the combination was so good!


Time for some more walking along the river.


One of the covered bridges from the 1800’s.  The bridge and the beautiful flowers which lined it were an attraction in themselves, but there is a secret on the other side.


With the water flow coming from the bridge it was enough for local surfers to practice their skills!


Another longer covered bridge with the charming row of buildings behind.  There was a surfer here too, I just did not capture him in this photo.


On the way back to Interlaken in a beautiful setting on the lake is Oberhofen Castle.  If you search Lake Thun most often a photo of this castle will show up.


There is a 6 acre park on the castle grounds with English style gardens.




As the restored paddle steamer comes into dock near the castle it is the end of another wonderful day in Switzerland.


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  1. Oh my – those pictures are breathtaking ! I cant’ believe this is a real town and not just pictures in a storybook… You have had some amazing travels ! You will have to write a post with helpful travel tips when you have some time ! Thank you again for these wonderful posts.

    • Thank you Patricia. Thun was really interesting, and I would be happy to return to Switzerland anytime. We have had some great travels and I will think about doing a travel tip post:) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I am so enjoying these Swiss photos as when we spent a couple of weeks there in 62 we did not of course have digital cameras and had to manage on just a few spools of film which were expensive and did not give such clarity so looking at yours are a real treat.

  3. The place looks amazing, it is like stepping into a fairytale 🙂

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