Cruising Lake Como


The best way to enjoy the dramatic scenery of Lake Como is by boat.  There are passenger ferries that crisscross the lake on a frequent basis, or hire a smaller private boat.  Pick a town and choose your starting point.  We chose Menaggio.

boats 2

You don’t have to be on a schedule when you visit Lake Como.  Just let your whims take you and enjoy the scenery.

menaggio harbor

Stop in a plaza, this one in Menaggio, find a seat under the umbrella or in the sun and relax with a cold drink and be in the moment.


Take in the details in the railings and the window decorations.


The beautiful and varied pastel colours of the buildings against the bright blue sky.

menaggio villa

Wander up the narrow streets, browsing and stopping when you want.  Admiring the windows of the church, the bell tower.  The local way of life mixed with the tourists seeing it all for the first time.


Look for a secret patio high up on the hill and imagine having this view every day.


The cascading plants and blooming flowers in a painted fountain makes a pretty scene.


Watch the world go by from the shore under the shade of the swaying palms.

palm views

When you ready to move on, catch the ferry and cross the lake.


Approaching the shore of Varenna.


Walk along the path to the town where a local artist has the best seat in town.

booth with a view

Wander up and down the steps, at your own pace.


Gaze at the Italian villas along the lake front.


In the sky at the top of the village a faint moon is shining.  You know, when the moon meets your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore!  Maybe just a slice here.


So wind your way back down to the waterfront for a real Italian slice with the best view at no extra charge.



Then head back to the ferry for a quiet view of the lake and the mountains.

afternoon light

Imagine what it would be like to live in a pink villa with green shutters along the lake.

pink villa

And board the ferry back across the lake to repeat the same non routine again tomorrow.




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  1. The blue of the sky is so gorgeous! Thanks, Jane for the beautiful photos!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Not been there.Thanks for posting.

  3. Those Italian Lakes are gorgeous. What brilliant photos.

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