A Tale From Tuscany


This is not going to be a post filled with the most beautiful photos you have ever seen.

But then – Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.  

Even though it rained most of our two days in Tuscany we still loved it and have good memories.  Mostly because of the out of the way campsite we found at the last minute.  All of the other campsites we had booked in advance to this point.  The house of the campsite shown above.  I think it was the warm welcome we received when we arrived.  When we pulled up to the office the sweetest elderly gentleman came out to greet us with a big smile and was so happy to welcome us to his campsite.  He asked where we were from, and when Mr. H said England, Oh he was surprised because he rarely gets visitors from England.  Then when I said I was American he was really pleased because I may have been the first American to stay there!  If you saw some of the roads and twists and turns to get there, you would understand why not too many caravans find their way there.  After being in busy and crowded Rome this was a fun change of pace being in a quiet corner of Tuscany.


After our arrival at the campsite we were able to get out and see a bit of the neighbouring villages and countryside before the heavy rain set in.

image 1

The rolling hills seemed to go on forever.



One of the alleyways in a little hilltop village, which was very quiet in the late afternoon.


Another village along the route.  This second picture reminds me of paintings I have seen.



The next morning we decided to go out and explore even though we knew it would be a wet one.


When we got to Montalcino it was absolutely pouring down.  A tiny yellow car is what you need on some of these streets.


Not a place to park in the cramped parking lot at the bottom, Mr. H kept driving to the top of the village.  (No we did not have the caravan attached at this point.)


We got to the top and were met with a dead end with about zero room to turn around.  Also a van right behind us was impatiently waiting.  Such fun!


The hill town of Montalcino is well known for it’s wine, Brunello di Montalcino, which is the most famous and expensive in Italy.  I am sure people come from all over the world to visit Montalcino, but this was not the type of weather for exploring the town, charming and interesting as it seemed.

village 2

A few more photos from our driving tour in the rain.





This was the view (shown below) from the back of our campground the morning that we left.  I think your legs would be in good shape if you lived in one of these charming hillside towns!

We didn’t get to experience life under the Tuscan sun, but we did have a glimpse of the atmosphere and beautiful countryside.  Next up the Chianti Region.





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  1. Hi Jane,

    I particularly enjoyed these photos of Tuscany because my father’s mother and father were from Tuscany.



  2. Tuscany looks stunning, your photos make me want to go there 🙂

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