Our Walk Update

Just a short update on our progress walking the Hadrians Wall Path.  I can share more info and details once we get back home and I am sure I will be glad to be sitting down for a while!

The scenery along the path has been absolutely beautiful!  We are currently in Brampton a couple of miles off the path where our B and B is located.  Today we walk to Carlisle and then the final day to Bowness on Soloway about 25 miles in total.  The weather has been unusually warm but not complaining.  Have met many great people along the way, from all over, several Americans from Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Idaho, New York and New Jersey.  Some people do all the walk, some just a portion.  One man is doing the entire 84 miles in 4 days for charity, and he forgot his hiking boots and was walking in trainers.  But said he had to keep on despite his blisters, that is determination.  One woman was 80, that did a good portion of the path, that is inspiration.

This is the famous Sycamore Gap at one of the steepest sections.  I am told this tree was in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Movie and a lot of people come to see the tree.  See how tiny the people look!

And one last photo looking over the wall in Cumbria.  Now off for the day.

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  1. Great posts on your walk – I am really enjoying them. How do you feel at the end of the day ….? That’s a lot of miles !

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