Reflecting on Florence


Florence, Italy.  So much beauty, history, art, architecture in one city.  The birthplace of the Renaissance.  The historic center of Florence has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, as have three parts of the cathedral.


The Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore which in English is Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers.  The dome which remains the largest brick built dome in the world and the bell tower rise above the Florence skyline and can be seen for many miles in the distance.


Such detailed design on the white, pink, and green marble exterior construction began in the 1200’s.  The people in the picture give you an idea of the size, just of the main green doors alone are massive.


The bell tower which is separate from the cathedral and it can be climbed if you wish.


Inside the cathedral looking up at the center of the dome.


Along the river a reflection of one of the bridges.


More reflections of the colourful painted buildings that line the riverbank.

river 2On the opposite side where we were walking, shops line the street with just enough room for a horse and carriage along the road between the shops and the river. You can see in the distance the famous bridge we are heading for.

A walk past the Ponte Vecchio, which is a Medieval arched stoned bridge over the River Arno.


A closer view with the ancient shops lining the bridge.  They say there is a secret passageway above the shops.

bridge 3

Walking over the bridge it is lined with jewellery shops, full to the brim with merchandise, on both sides.


One of the shop windows with someone’s future momento from Florence.


At the heart of the city the Piazza della Signoria.


In the plaza is the Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence.


In front of the town hall stands a copy of  Michelangelo’s statue of David.  The real statue is in one of the museum’s in Florence.  So many world famous and historically important art museums in Florence that one day in the city was not enough to visit them.  But I would be happy to return to Florence one day for just that purpose.


More statues and fountains in the plaza.


plazaWe visited 3 cathedrals, but there are many more, and they were all beautiful inside and out.  I just can’t show you everything!florence


Back down one of the narrow streets after a memorable and inspiring day in Florence.


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  1. OMGosh – you have outdone yourself with these beautiful photos ! What an amazing city – I had no idea how beautiful Florence is….now it is on my ‘bucket list’ !
    Thank you again for sharing these wonderful voyages with us….I would never see this beauty otherwise !

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