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Hello and Happy July, lets hope its a good one.  I was going to do the remainder of the Cinque Terre in one post, but too many pictures to go through!  So I will continue with Monterosso and see how we go from there.  My goal is to finish the Italy posts in the next few days, not much left, and then I will be taking the month of July off from blogging.  However I post everyday on my Instagram if you want to follow along there.  I am hope_and_wander on Instagram or you can access the pictures at the bottom of my blog home page.

One other general note, I did four posts on our walk across Hadrians Wall, but it was reported to me that not all posts were received via email.  Just checking to see if anyone else had that problem?  I don’t know what I can do about it if you did, Ha! other than to tell you to go directly to this blog website and view the posts there.  Hope that helps and if you get this via email if you click on the email post it should take you directly to the blog online.  Any questions just leave me a comment, and thank you!

About Monterosso the most northern of the Cinque Terre villages.  The above picture shows the nice beach area directly across the road from where the train stops.  Considering the cool weather we are having here in England this week, I wouldn’t mind being back on that beach about now!

The above photo shows the main part of the village with the train running along the front.  We walked there via the hilltop where there is a church and a cemetery from the train station, which gave us some nice views.  Also in the picture above you can see way up in the hills to the left where the highway runs.  Basically it is tunnel, bridge, tunnel bridge all along, must have been something to build!


Lots of pretty pastel buildings and the reason I took this picture is not just of the colours and postcards in front, but in front of the alley is a man dressed in white which looks like a street performer taking a break.  The other photos below showing some of the age worn character around the town.


grape crusher



Something different here was the black and white striped exterior of the churches.


This is the interior of another church that had a similar exterior, but you can see the interior is very ornate and beautiful.


Our lunch break included tiramisu, anchovies (husband’s not mine!) and mussels with a loaf of Italian bread. Yum!


And of course each village has a Gelateria, but we didn’t try every one!


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  1. Have been receiving your E-mails and looking at pics on your blog. This one interesting as always.

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