The Sun Sets on the Cinque Terre


Viewing the coastline from the ferry we were headed to the south of the Cinque Terre to Porto Venere.  Just before we reach the town we cruise around the rock jutting out into the sea topped by the dramatic Church of St. Peter.


Around the corner is the harbour which is a beautiful sight.  Boats in the front, the tall narrow multi coloured houses, a cathedral further up the hill and finally Doria Castle at the top.  This was  a charming village to explore with restaurants along the front and a narrow street behind with more shops and cafes.

harborA sampling from a bakery of a cookie filled with Nutella.  Looks like someone got a piece of my heart!

heartA framed view of the coastline through one of the openings near the church.

viewBack on the ferry and along the coast we pass Corniglia, the only village of the Cinque Terre that is not directly on the sea.  This is where we will explore the next day.

cornigliaThere are a lot of steps up to the village from the train station, but you can always stop and take in the view while you rest. steps

I thought this village was a little more artsy than the others, but maybe it was just what I was noticing that day.  More winding alleyways to discover.


This day we decided to take the coastal path from Corniglia back to Vernazza.  We started a little late in the day, so the trail was not too busy and often we were on our own for a good while.  Here we have climbed a little higher and look back at the village we just left.


The hike was varying degrees of difficulty some of it with a protective fence along the edge.


And some of it without!

path2Yes I am coming!  Almost to Vernazza.  Actually this hike was one of my favourite parts of our visit the Cinque Terre.


When we got down to the village there was a bride and groom throwing candy out to the people below.  How fun!  Sorry not the best picture but I tried to capture the moment quickly.  This was really just like a fairy tale or a movie, so cool!


The afternoon sun adding an extra glow to the buildings on the harbour.

evening light

A blazing sunset brings us to the final day of our visit to the Cinque Terre.

I won’t quite finish Italy before this July break as I had hoped, oops, but real life and grandkids take priority over blogging:)  Just a reminder I am hope_and_wander on Instagram.

Happy Fourth of July Americans! and may you all have a great month of July.


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  1. I want that nutella cookie:) great photos!

  2. Brilliant photos on more ways than one!

  3. Lovely pictures. I want to go back!

  4. This looks like such a lovely place to visit. The narrow streets look so interesting and the sunset is wonderful.

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