Testing the Blog Waters Again

Hello!  I guess it has been a long July! As the last time I posted here I said I was going to take the month of July off from blogging.  I thought I would start in again to see if I remembered how to do this with just one photo from a recent trip to Venice in March.

In this photo I was standing on a pier on the Grand Canal waiting for my boat looking towards the Rialto Bridge.  You can see the bridge is crowded with people and if you look up on the rooftop to the right there is also a viewing point up there.  It is at the top of the Dept. store Coin and the views from there are quite amazing.

Ok that’s it for today, hopefully following up with more from Venice Carnivale.


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  1. Hi Jane,

    Glad you’re back. Looking forward to more from Venice. We’ve never been there so we’ll have to see it through your eyes.

    Love, Ga

  2. What a pleasant surprise. Thought the blog had joined POP’s Place in history.

  3. I am glad to see you are still out there. I was starting to get worried. I have heard more from Teddy Peterson than from you. – Cuz Dick


  4. That’s a great photo. I think those vaporetto stations have really blighted Venice but I suppose they’re a necessary evil. I’ve visited Venice a few times but have focused more on the churches and older buildings as well as riding the vaporetti. Will be there in May again so will explore the Rialto area a bit more. Thanks for the advice.

    • The boats are a great way to get around especially at the times you need a break from walking. Yes do go up to the top of Coin for the views and enjoy your revisit to the beautiful city!

  5. So glad to see you back! Can’t wait for more. Mom looked at a cruise to Italy this year, but opted for Kathryn’s wedding in Oregon this June.

  6. Good to hear from you! Love the pictures!

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